rebranding of sorts

I’m taking a little break from posting to focus on other things but I wanted to quickly give a little update about the blog.  The “Tagline” or description, of the blog has changed.  After being married for over a year and a half I’m pretty sure I can no longer say we’re newlyweds! Likewise with being a new homeowner…plus, I think the new home owner part may have been a bit misleading.  We don’t own  a brand new house, but we are first time/new homeowners (our house was actually built the same year David was born).

The new tagline of my blog is the blog of a young homemaker. It was actually David’s idea and it really encompasses what I want to write about.  Presently, being a homemaker is my job.  I’ve held various temporary jobs over the last few years but am still waiting for something permanent.  Right now I’m trying to embrace all my free time by working on the house and yard and trying new recipes.

During my blog posting hiatus I’m working on a few projects that I’ll be sharing soon.  I’m really looking forward to sharing new content.

Here’s a picture to show what the blog tagline looked like before…

Disregard the arrows…they are pointing out changes I had made a little while ago.  As you can see, the template for the header is the same but the font is different and the tagline has changed.

If you’d like to receive notification when new content is posted I invite you to subscribe to my blog via email. There’s a subscribe box on the right side of the blog, and I won’t spam your inbox or share your address.

Thank you to those who have supported my blog from the start and to everyone who is just finding out about my blog now:)

About Christina

20-something; rural dwelling; wife to David; homeowner; pretty good cook; wearer of skirts; friend to all cats.

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