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I had a job interview and this is my outfit for it.  The giant bag I’m carrying is a laptop bag, not a purse!  I had to give a Powerpoint presentation and brought my laptop, but my regular purse handles weren’t meant for supporting such a heavy load.  This laptop bag may be a little large for a purse, but it had enough space for my laptop and other stuff I usually carry.

business casual outfit
Top: Cleo
Sweater: Wal Mart
Skirt: Smart Set
Bag: Walmart
Bracelets: Pandora
work outfit
work outfit

cubic zirconium earrings
My tights are kind of hard to see in the full body shots (I was lazy and didn’t feel like going outside for pics), so I’ll post a close up shot.

sheer tights
Tights: unknown

The red top I’m wearing is actually a peplum style but I opted to tuck it in for a cleaner look.  The makeup I wore is super basic: liquid foundation (because my skin hates me lately), mascara, eye liner, red lipstick with pink gloss over top. Since I took these pictures a few hours after my interview my lipstick has worn off a bit, but I quite like the colour it turned out to be.

Since I’m not working right now I spend my days usually in yoga pants (!) or jeans so it’s nice to get dressed up again.

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