rusty maxi skirt, spring edition

Today’s short and sweet post is another skirt outfit.  As I mentioned earlier this week I’m trying to figure out how to wear maxi skirts casually this season.  Prior to fall 2014 I never actually wore a maxi skirt, but I did have a couple long dresses I enjoyed wearing.  Dresses are easy to wear though, and my favourite is very colourful so choosing a cardigan if needed is also easy.

But a skirt outfit requires more thought because there are more items of clothing to consider.  All my other skirts are more on the dressy side so I would just pick one of my blouses to wear with them.  Now that I’m getting into more casual skirts I have to reconsider my shirt choices.  It can be challenging at times because, while I own a few tee shirts, I dislike wearing them.  And the shirts I do like wearing are in bright colours and patterns which don’t really go with my new skirts.  I’m trying to be a little more gutsy with my casual outfit combinations, while still remaining true to my personal style.  This simple outfit is one I wore for errands last week.



My tank top is from Walmart, the cardigan is from Old Navy, the belt is from Joe Fresh and the skirt used to be a dress from H&M.  The pattern of my tank top may be hard to see, but it is made up of different colored roses, some of them are almost the same colour as my skirt!  Overall, I think this outfit was a success.  I was comfortable, covered and looked put together even though the intention was to be casual.

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