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Recently I’ve gotten back into sewing.  Well, I shouldn’t say “back into” since I’m not sure what I did before could be considered sewing…In high school i liked to modify my clothes to fit my current taste.  Mostly that meant tucking in the hems of my wide legged jeans to make them skinny, cutting apart tee shirt and reassembling them, using the arms of old sweat shirts to make leg warmers, etc.  I did all that by hand, but now I have a big girl sewing machine (similar) to use!  I also have a bunch of fabric from my mother-in-law so I’ve been on a sewing kick lately.  I’ve already made a simple dress and a skirt but I’m still itching to make more things!  Here are some of the tutorials I’m looking at for inspiration.


Blouson Dress 

sewing inspiration

Tote Bag

sewing inspiration2


sewing inspiration3

Skirt (there is no link but it seems easy enough to make)

sewing inspiration4

Prairie Skirt

sewing inspiration5

Panel Skirt (the pattern is for a child size but I think it could be adapted for an adult)

sewing inspiration6

Peasant Top (again, child size)

sewing inspiration7

I’m excited to be able to make some of my own clothes!  There are a lot of aspects of sewing I still need to improve on but I’m enjoying the process.  I have yet to wear my creations (due to weather) but I have a feeling they will get a lot of use!

Do you sew?  Are there any tips you care to share?

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