shades of grey

If you were to guess my favourite colour based on my previous outfit posts, would you guess grey? I wouldn’t be surprised!  It seems like I’ve been wearing a lot of it lately, but it has been unintentional.  Since I stopped wearing pants a few months ago my wardrobe has become a lot smaller.  And since we have been experiencing a very cold winter I’m forced to bundle up in practical layers instead of pretty blouses and cardigans.  I don’t really enjoy wearing long sleeved tee shirts but I enjoy being warm, so I’m wearing them anyways.  Speaking of layers, in this particular outfit I’m wearing 6 pieces of clothing. Is this overkill?  NOPE. Not when the day starts out at -25C (that’s -13F for my American readers) without factoring the wind chill!  Or when one might have to spend 10 minutes cleaning the snow off their car.

When I get dressed in the morning I always wear a tank top under my shirt.  No matter what I’m wearing, a tank top is the first layer.  I started wearing them in high school because I couldn’t find jeans that had a high enough rise to keep my lower back covered when I bent down.  Now I wear them for warmth, but also for modesty.  The picture below is to show that I have a tank top, dress, long sleeved shirt and a cardigan.

On my bottom half I’m wearing long johns (janes?) and knee high socks.  I also wore knee high boots for added warmth.  And now, for the full outfit!

cardigan: Alfred Sung brand black long sleeved shirt: Joe Fresh belt: Joe Fresh dress worn as a skirt: Stitches

Oh, and guess what? This outfit is pretty much the exact same as another I posted…same dress, same cardigan, different belt, but the shirt is the same just in another colour!  And I wore my Blundstones in the original post but today I chose my trusty knee highs.


Personally, I generally feel more put together when I wear a waist defining belt.  I think belts can be a great way to add some visual interest with colour, texture or pattern, especially on a monochromatic outfit such as this.  I removed the belt for the second photo to show you how I look a little sloppier without it.  However, for staying at home I’d go belt-less.  But when I go to work (like I did on Saturday) I like to look like I put in some effort when I got dressed.

I’m trying to dress in more colour without having to buy new clothing, but hopefully I won’t have to bundle up for much longer!  It appears that spring is around the corner what with our single digit negative temps this morning (it is currently -5C!!!).  How sad is it that Canadians calls this “warm”?

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4 comments on “shades of grey

  1. The layering process is all too familiar to me this winter – you do it well! I love that your layers are concealed underneath the super put-together outfit (I tend to get sloppy and end up with multiple shirt collars showing and just covering it up with a scarf, lol).

  2. I also wear tank tops every day for modesty! I don’t know if you live near a Target, but I love their tanks, and they go on sale all the time. Also, I love your new haircut in the top post! My mom just got the same haircut (she also loves short hair and pulls it off well). I just got my hair cut to my shoulders and that is crazy short for me, I lost about 7 inches! There is something freeing about it, I’ll admit :)

    • Sadly all the Target stores near me are closing:( I usually shop for tanks at Old Navy but they aren’t very high necked. Thanks for the hair compliment ! I have always found that cutting more than a few inches off feels liberating!

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