Sharing the love of Christ this Christmas

How many Christmas movies or books have you seen or read where there is a grouchy person who just hates Christmas?  All their family, friends, and neighbours try to show them the spirit of the season but the character resists until one small act changes them.  Suddenly, they are changed and they now love the holiday!  While that may be a tad unrealistic, we likely all know someone in our own life who could use a little love.  Christmas is the perfect time to reach out and let them know about the love of Christ in a subtle way.

But let’s not get so caught up in trying to bring non believers into the fold that we forget to share love with our brothers and sisters in Christ!  I’m sure we can all think of someone we know from church who could benefit from a little extra Christ-like love.


Here are some easy, and subtle ways to share love this season!

  1. Shovel their walkway or front steps.  A lot of people either aren’t physically capable of this chore or they simply don’t have the time.  If you’re not able to shovel, you can still help out in the inclimate weather by spreading some sand or salt on icy patches for them.
  2. Bring over a baked good.  Who doesn’t love baked goods, right? Not everyone likes to bake, but almost everyone likes to eat sweet treats!  This would be a nice gesture for a neighbour or co-worker.
  3. Offer to babysit.  My parents used to tag team while shopping with my brothers and I, but not everyone is able to do that.  Maybe you can offer to babysit for a single parent so they can finish last minute Christmas errands.  Or you can provide childcare for parents who just want a night out.
  4. Drive them to church.  Winter driving can be difficult for a lot of people, so offering to drive someone to church is a great act of kindness.  You may know of someone at your church who needs a ride, but if not, you can ask your pastor to make an announcement, or post a notice on the bulletin boards.
  5. Donate useful items to the food bank.  Most food banks have a list of items they distribute the most of, so check with them to find out what that is and pick some up next time you’re shopping.
  6. Donate items to a homeless shelter.  In my area the homeless shelters do a winter coat drive each year, and ask the community for donations.  Many shelters also have a need for basic hygiene items and simple things like warm socks, so contact the shelters near you to see how you can help them bless others this season.
  7. Give a little extra in the kettles. Instead of passing by the bell ringers and their bright red kettle, stop and put in a small donation (or a larger one if you are financially able).  Even better, talk with them and ask how they are spending the holidays.

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2 comments on “Sharing the love of Christ this Christmas

  1. I absolutely loved this post, Christina! My year has not been the most normal, (heh, I don’t even recognize that term anymore) and with everything that got twisted up, I find I have a hard time focusing on this beautiful season of so much promise, now that things are unwinding themselves again. So thank you for writing this, directing our thoughts to the simple things that make this season bright with light and warmth from God’s goodness towards us.

    Merry Christmas, Christina!
    from The Boyer Sisters blog

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