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I love having short hair.  It’s easy to style, keeps me head cool in the summer, looks stylish and adult, is out of my way, etc.  But I’ve read blogs of other short haired women who say having short hair takes a lot of work…I’m here to share the benefits of having short hair, how to look after it and some general tips I’ve learned along the way.

Some benefits of short hair:
  1. it takes me 5 minutes to wash it
  2. it dries naturally in a short amount of time
  3. shows off facial features and neck
  4. no more hassle of trying to style it everyday
  5. allows me to dress more feminine and wear more jewelry and makeup without feeling overdressed
How to care for short hair:
  1. find a great stylist who knows how to cut short hair (mine used to have short hair so she knows her stuff!)
  2. to maintain a certain length you may need monthly trims
  3. wash you hair every other day if you can.  having a little oil will make your hair easier to style, plus keep it shiny and prevent drying out
  4. I’ve found that hair products aren’t really needed, except for hairspray to flatten some frizzies.  After I wash and towel dry my hair I comb in the way I want it to lay and sometimes pin my bangs to the side because they usually don’t cooperate.  Then I air dry and remove the pins.  

Myths about short hair:
  1. everyone will think you’re a boy.  not true as long as you wear clothing that shows you are a woman!  plus, having short hair means you can overcompensate with a little more make up and jewelry!
  2. it’s not a wash and go style. depending on you cut it can be very wash and go.  The sides and back of my hair are pretty short so all I have to do is comb the longer hair on top to straighten it out and I’m good to go.
  3. there aren’t many styling options with short hair. okay, this is sort of true.  Some people may spike their short hair, or flip it or whatever, but that’s not my thing.  I like knowing that I don’t have to worry about how to style my hair.  That being said, I can always throw on a cute hair band or scarf or even clip my bangs back or make a mini pouf if I wanted a different look.
  4. short hair can’t be dressed up. au contraire!  Short hair looks very chic when you’re dressed up because it sort of just blends in and makes your outfit stand out.  An example below shows my husband and I dressed up for his work Christmas party. I also had shortish hair for my wedding (it was a short bob)!
  5. husbands/men in general won’t like it. this is also true.  A lot of men equate femininity with long hair but I disagree.  My husband and I actually met when I had short hair and he thought I was cute.  I’ve had long and short hair over the course of our 5 years together and he prefers my short hair.  Some men may hate short hair on women and some may love it.  But the same goes with long hair, brown hair, blonde hair, etc.  If a guy only loves you for your hair it may be time to move on!!!
Short hair is the right choice for me.  I think it suits me, it’s easy to look after and most importantly: it’s never in my way anymore (I was always flicking my long hair out of my eyes and off my face).  

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