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It’s no secret that I really like having short hair.  Any time someone I know is talking about cutting their hair I try to convince them to get a pixie cut.  Mine has made my life so much simpler (and cheaper!) because now I wash my hair with a bar of vegetable glycerin soap and let it air dry.  I don’t have to worry about styling or using heat tools which can be damaging.

I’ve had a pixie cut for a little over  year now and have gone through a couple different styles until finding one I really like.   Pinterest has been a vital tool in my search for the perfect cut.  I wanted to share with you some of my favourite inspiration pictures, so maybe you will be nudged in the direction of a pixie cut ;)

It seems like so many celebrities are cutting their hair short, so I’m sure that more women will be following suit soon!

While I do like the look of the shaggy pixie, similar to Jennifer Lawrence (above) I know that it would drive me crazy having my bangs long.  My hair is super thick and heavy so sometimes I’m tempted to go as short as Emma Watson (second from bottom) but I’m afraid I’d look too boyish.  For now, my current cut works for me.  If you’re interested in reading the rest of my hair related posts, click here.

Do you have a pixie cut?  Is it something you’d ever consider? Let me know in the comments, by tweeting me @OurWoodHomeblog or on Facebook.

All images I used in the post are from Pinterest, so their original sources can be found there.

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