short hair styling ideas

It’s been almost one year since I decided to grow out my very short pixie cut, and surprisingly the process has been better than I thought!  I’ve had short hair before, once when I was about 11  and then again when I was 17. Both cuts grew out very awkwardly and I was clueless on styling them.  Thankfully this time around has been so much easier!  Now I can just do a quick internet search and find literally hundreds of styling ideas (keep in mind my house didn’t have internet until I was in high school, and when we did get it, we had dial up…).

Right now my hair is obviously longer than a pixie cut, but it’s not quite a bob yet.  My bangs have grown out a lot but are still too short for tucking behind my ears, and the longest layer is about jaw length.  I have another layer that hits just below my ear, too.


short hair

I’ve become pretty creative with twisting and pinning my hair to get it out my face, while also adding some style to an otherwise boring hair do’.  Here are some examples of what I’ve come up with.

short hair styling ideas

Twisty Rolled Bangs:
Gather your bangs and any other hair on the top of your head and hold it straight up between your finger and thumb. Then begin twisting it towards the crown of your head, being sure to twist tightly.  Then secure the twist with a bobby pin on either side of the end (right under my fancy clip is where I placed mine). You can leave the style like it is, or add a prettier clip, which I did.  Lilla Rose Flexi Clips are my preferred accessory, and this one is called Copper Rose.

modest winter outfit

Low Mini Ponytail:
For this style, gather as much of your hair as possible to create a ponytail low on your head.  Use a hair elastic to secure the tail, and bobby pins for the pieces that were too short.  Again, I used the same Copper Rose Flexi Clip to hide the elastic.

modest winter outfit


Half Up:
Gather the top half of your hair and secure it in place using a clip or pins.  I used the Essence Flexi but this works just as well with an elastic, butterfly clip, or bobby pins.




Push or pin your hair back off your face, creating a pouf with your bangs, if desired.  Wrap a scarf around the top of your head and either tie the ends underneath or cross them over and bring them back up to the top of the scarf.  Tie in a small knot and tuck the ends between your hair and the first scarf layer.

modest winter outfit


Pinned Back Sides:
Simple gather the hair on one side of your head and secure it just above your ear using a pin or clip.  I used the Ruby Bouquet Flexi, but regular bobby pins work too.

grown out pixie


Fishtail Bangs:
Gather your bangs and separate them into two sections.  Begin braiding them in the fishtail style working until you reach the end of your bangs (if you are don’;t know how to fishtail braid, there are lots of tutorials online).  Secure the ends against your scalp using a decorative bobby pin.

grown out pixie braid


Mini Pompadour:
Gather your bangs and some hair surrounding them, and hold it all straight up, but loosely. Move your fingers towards the ends of the gathered hair and bring the hair down to your scalp; your hair should “pouf” naturally. If there is no pouf, try bringing the hair down closer to the front of your scalp.  Secure with pins when you find the desired spot.

modest winter outfit


Ta-da!  You now have some new ideas for styling hair that is an awkward length!  All these methods are super simple, because I have almost no hair styling skills anymore…it’s been about 4 years since my hair was longer than a bob so I’m a little out of practice.

Are you currently growing out your hair?  Do you have any additional tips to share?

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    • Thanks Lauren, I have checked them out but I have a hard time wearing headbands unless I can try them on. The pieces they sell are gorgeous though!

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