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Instead of doing my usual weekly outfit post, I have decided to share my adventure in skirt making from a pattern. In the past all the clothing I have made myself has been done without the use of a pattern, although I did sometimes trace existing garments.  The idea of using a pattern appealed to me this time, because I was looking to sew a specific style of skirt, but was unsure how to do so.

David and I are on a tight budget, since he is still in school, but I was fortunate enough to be given some Christmas money AND the local fabric store was having a major sale.  I picked up the pattern and the fabric for about $20 (Canadian), which I considered a great deal.

The pattern I used was McCalls M7475, but I did a lot of modifications!  To begin, I added a few inches of length, then I opted not to a front zipper (I did it at the side), and actually wear the skirt backwards so that the nice yoke detailing was in the front instead of the back.  I also opted for no belt loops, because the fabric I chose would not have looked nice with belt loops. The pockets were another thing to go, because they were on the rear of the skirt, which is something I do want want to accentuate.

Pattern Review:

I had never used pattern before, so I was a little nervous!  It was fairly straight forward, though, and most of the directions made sense.  This particular skirt had A LOT of pieces, so most of my time was actually spent cutting everything out, and I had to take extra care to make sure the fabric grain was always going the same direction before cutting.  I liked that the pattern had a lot of directions, and that sewing terminology was defined.  I also liked that this particular pattern came in a range of sizes  (from 6-14).  In addition the pattern for an a-line maxi skirt, there were patterns for a shorter skirt, wide legged cropped pants, and shorts.  This is great for someone who wants a lot of options but perhaps can’t afford to buy multiple patterns.

The only thing I found frustrating was that I had extra fabric leftover from the waistband, and the directions for creating the band were quite confusing.  I am not sure how I ended up with more than I needed, since the waist fit me perfectly!

Ease of Use:

I am fairly confident with my sewing machine so the sewing part went very well.  If you chose to use this pattern, I recommend ironing the seams as directed because it made things a lot easier!   If you have never used a pattern before, it may seem daunting to open the package and see aaaaaall the different pieces, but they are all clearly labelled.  You simply cut out along the lines, and pin it to your fabric, then cut along the outline following the directions.  I found it helpful to then label each piece of fabric (the pattern listed the front sections of the skirt as “1” so I wrote that in chalk on the fabric to keep everything straight) right after cutting.

The Finished Product:

Friends, I am quite proud of this skirt even though it is far from perfect!  The drape is lovely, and the fabric is one that I can wear for a variety of occasions this winter.   I am probably wearing the skirt higher than most people would, but it is sitting at the smallest part of my waist.

For my first attempt at following a pattern, I think it was a success.  It took me all afternoon to make this skirt, which my mother-in-law tells me is no time at all!  I was just so excited to get it finished to wear for church on New Year’s Day (yep, that’s how I spent NYE 2016)!  In the future I plan to use this pattern to make heavy weight skirts for winter, perhaps in dark corduroy or denim, as well as lighter summer skirts.

If you decide to give this pattern a try, I’d love to see how it turns out!  You can tag me on IG @our_wood_home, on Facebook, or send me an e-mail at


PS: McCalls did NOT sponsor this post in anyway.  I purchase this pattern and fabric on my own dime, and this review contains only my honest thoughts and opinions.

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