some outfit photos and apologies

Hello everyone!  Sorry for my lack of posts this week…I started a new job that is full time hours, and by the time I am finished working I don’t feel like sitting down to blog (my job is at a computer).

I’m going to try to schedule posts on the weekend for the upcoming weeks to ensure my posting schedule stays regular!

Earlier I posted a survey to see what kind of posts you guys wanted to see more of.  Almost everyone who answered said “fashion” so I’m going to be doing weekly posts of the outfits I’ve worn recently.  I was only able to capture two outfits this week, even though I’ve been wearing moderately nice clothes every day.

On Monday I did some work from home (oh yeah, did I forget to mention that my job LETS ME WORK ON MY COUCH?!) and then had to go run some errands.  It was super cold out, so my first priority was warmth then fashion.

modest winter outfit

I’m lurving this winter coat I bought in November!  It’s warm, long and fits well, even though it is not the most stylish.  Underneath I wore my new favourite denim skirt and a sweater my brother got me for Christmas.

modest winter outfit

modest winter outfit

On Thursday I wore a new dress my mom got me which I’m planning to wear a lot this winter!  Since I was staying home I opted to let my hair run wild…I kinda like it!

We don’t wear shoes inside but I put my black boots on to disguise my knee socks, which clashed horribly!

modest winter outfit

To see the outfits I wore last winter, click here!  And if you are as obsessed with Pinterest as I am, you can go creep all the fun, modest outfits I’ve been pinning.  I think this one is my fav…or maybe this one. Wait!  This is my fav!!  If you are on Pinterest, go comment on your favourite modest winter outfit!


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6 comments on “some outfit photos and apologies

  1. I know you had the desire to be a full time homemaker. When I read your job was working from your home I was very happy for you. Even though you’ll be busy doing computer work you will still be in your home and able to fill that desire. God bless

    • Thank you Kim! My earrings are actually little pearly snowmen!! I had my husband take the picture and am so glad it turned out:)

      Thank you for reading and commenting:)

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