surviving this weekend

Take a look at that picture and tell me what you see…Probably a few vehicles and a guy using a snow blower to clear his driveway.  Let me tell you what’s really going on here.  That blue car is mine, stuck in a snowdrift that’s 5 feet tall on one side and about 3 feet on the other.  That red truck on the road is my husband’s, and it’s parked there because he couldn’t get into the driveway due to snow.  My husband is valiantly trying to plow a path through the 2-3 feet deep snow in the driveway while our neighbor is using his farm tractor to clear snow too.  The neighbors across from us has someone plow their driveway but the snow ended up pushed into ours…awesome.  So the tractor neighbor used his equipment to move all that away for us.  
All this snow started on Friday afternoon and has been going all weekend.  The winds have been gusting up to 50km/hr and the temperature is around -20C.  It snowed a lot on Friday night and some more on Saturday.  The giant snow drifts happened overnight on Friday and I’m surprised my husband even got his truck out on Saturday. 
So what you’re looking at above the view of our yard from the road…without snow.  Then the same shot but taken today.  UGH.  You can see that the snow made drifts as high as my car (it’s buried on the right.  The vehicle on the right is my father in law, who came to help my husband with some reno work.  More on that in another post!).
my car this morning…thankfully the snow is mostly out of the way!

 Yesterday my husband had to go get some firewood for our wood stove and he was surprised at how much snow had fallen at home in just a few hours.  Thankfully, our nice neighbor helped him clear the driveway and I had shoveled the front deck and by the garage.  We’ve been staying indoors so far and I think we will probably do that until Monday morning when it’s time to go to work.  I’ve noticed that the snow has stopped falling and there’s no wind, which is good, but it just looks cold out.  But it might be a good day to try out our snowshoes!

Stay warm, everyone!

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