Can Pinterest really help me choose outfits?

How many of you use Pinterest?  I joined way back in 2011 when we were planning our wedding and now I primarily use it for outfit and recipe ideas (you can follow my personal account if you want).  A lot of bloggers use Pinterest to search for outfit ideas based on a particular item of […]

outfit ideas for fall (from Our Wood Home)

It’s September, which means I am mentally dressing myself in cozy knits, lots of layers and woolly socks (even if the weather is actually mild for fall!). Last November I challenged myself to only wear skirts and dresses for the entire month, which turned out to be an interesting ordeal.  Although, since then I have […]

#NoPantsNovember outfits 6 & 7

Bonus weekend post!!!!!!!!!!!  I usually take a break from blogging on weekends but today, since David is out for a while, I figured I’d quickly whip up a post on 2 #NoPantsNovember outfits.  I cheated a bit and took these photos today, even though I wore the first outfit a few weeks ago.  I didn’t […]