updated living room tour

Since my original living room tour things have moved around a lot.  I enjoy rearranging furniture and updating items we have displayed.  We played around with the furniture configuration until we found one that made the room feel cozy but not too tight.  Previously we have the furniture all up against walls, which looked okay […]

house tour: our room

It’s been a while since I did a house tour post.  I have shown you the living room, dining room and kitchen so now I’m giving you a peek inside our bedroom.  Our house is not very large overall; it is about 1800 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.  The finished […]

house tour: kitchen

house tour: kitchen

Today I’m sharing photos of my kitchen.  A lot of bloggers will style their kitchens to make them look prettier or in use by setting out pots and pans or having a rustic basket full of fresh produce waiting to be cut up.  All that is fine and I certainly enjoy seeing pictures like that […]