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It’s been a while since I posted because I’ve been having problems uploading pictures to my blog.  I’m not sure how to fix it but I’m working on it!

I have a whole bunch of new pictures I really want to show everyone, but for now I will just post some plain old words.  This is a post about our house.


I love my house.
We started looking for a house in the summer of 2012 (our wedding was October 28, 2012) and were very excited.  It was our first house so everything (from mortgage pre-approval to actually signing the offer) was a new experience.  We saw over 40 homes and quickly became discouraged because we didn’t see any we really loved.  Actually, there was one we really liked because it was decorated well, had an amazing hilltop view and had a finished basement.  Buuuuut, the layout of everything didn’t make sense, the deck was questionable and it was a pretty small house.  We saw another one but it needed too much work and was too expensive.  The second last house we saw was nice but the basement wasn’t finished and it was kind of out of the way…we actually took our parents to see it on the same day we saw the house we bought.
We saw ‘our house’ on August 23 and I suggested we make an offer.  David smartly said we should take some time to really think about it so we did…three days later we made an offer.  To make a long story short, all the paperwork was signed and the Sold sign went up on September 4.  If you’re interested in the long version, you can read about it here on our wedding blog. 

We really wanted a home that was out of town and considered rural.  I grew up in a rural subdivision where the nearest town (with more than a grocery and liquor store) was a 30 minute drive and I loved it.  David grew up right smack in the middle of a fairly large town and was looking to buy something with more property.  Our house is about 35 km East of where we work on an acre of land.  Our backyard looks onto a field and our house is set back far from the road.  We still have privacy but are able to get to know our neighbors. 
We are right between 2 small towns that have grocery stores, hardware stores, liquor stores, banks, drug stores, etc.  One of them has an elementary school and the other has a high school. 
We have a house that is big enough for just us but will also be big enough for a family.   We have a nice yard and the neighbors we met are really nice. 

Our house has some little ‘quirks’ that we will address soon enough but it’s warm, dry, and safe.  It has a kitchen for me and a bar for David, so we’re all good:)

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