temporary hiatus

Lately I haven’t been up to doing many blog posts.   I don’t know if it’s because I’m lacking creativity or what but I feel like anything I might post during the week might be sub par and I’m not sure I want to do that.

My plan was to post once daily from Monday to Friday and at the start of the year I even began planning out my posts for the months ahead.  But things come up, plans get changed and I was finding myself a little too busy and or/tired to write enough quality work.  What I did end up posting was good, but I thought it could have been better.

I think I have “blog envy”…I read a lot of different blogs pretty frequently and I find myself wishing my own blog:

  • was my own website instead of being hosted on Blogger
  • looked as nice as other blogs
  • had more/any followers
  • had sponsors
  • etc
I know all of those things are possible for me and my blog but I think that would require more time than I have to spare right now.  If you read my blog often enough you probably know that I’ve struggled with unemployment for many months.  My days are spent at home trying to keep busy and I had previously spent a lot of time on my blog.  But I’ve come to realize that, while blogging is a fun hobby, there are more important things to be spending my time on.  It’s quite possible for me to spend hours at a time on my blog, whether it be coming up with ideas for new content, creating roundup posts or researching how to improve my blog.  But right now, I’m spending too much time on it and not getting the results I dreamed.  Since blogging can’t pay my bills I’m going to focus more on looking for work in the real world.  I also have a long list of house and yard projects I want to tackle as the weather warms up.
I’ll still be blogging, but I’ve decided to cut back a little.  The plan is to post 1-3 good quality entries a week, maybe more or less depending on how I feel.  Since I don’t have a large following on my blog I’m sure nobody will mind my lessened content, but I’ll still be posting on my Facebook page.
So thanks to those of you who have been reading/following my blog.  I’m taking a break to better myself so that I can in turn write better posts.

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