Thankful Thursday

Good (chilly) morning friends!  I’m so glad it’s October and the heat of summer is definitely behind us.  October brings many good things for David and I this year.  On Saturday we are heading to a local park for a fungus walk, which is basically where a guide shows you all the different species of mushrooms growing there.  We are really excited for it!  Then on Sunday my dad is coming over to help David fix the gutters and teach me a new musical instrument.  Later in the month we have Thanksgiving, finishing the patio and laundry room (more on that later) and I’m chaperoning a youth group trip for the weekend.  And of course, we celebrate our third year wedding anniversary! Where has the time gone?!

Here is my list of what I’m thankful for this week.


  1. Our wood stove! It’s been pretty chilly the last few mornings and we refuse to turn on the furnace!  Having the woodstove means we can take the chill out of the air without using electricity.  That stove has saved us for much money since we installed it!  To give you an idea of just how much, we spent $1400 to fill our propane tanks from empty and that fuel only lasted a couple months.
  2. Finding a good place to pick apples. We came across some wild apple trees on the weekend and went to town picking some ripe apples.  Of course, we didn’t strip the tree bare but we were able to fill 2 large bags.  I like baking with super fresh ingredients and am looking forward to all the goodies I can create!
  3. Finding time to read. Reading is something I have enjoyed since I first learned how to do it, but as an adult I find that I usually have more important things to do.  Since I quit my job in the summer I have been trying to carve out time each day for reading and I have been mostly successful.  I’m currently working through a Christian romance series that I really enjoy.

What are you thankful for this week?

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