Thankful Thursday

Good afternoon, friends!  I hope you all had an enjoyable first week of November.  This month means my American readers are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving soon and I have a special post up my sleeve just for them!  That will come later this month, but for now let’s share what we are currently thankful for.


  1. The No Pants November challenge kick off was a huge success! I’m amazed at how many women have decided to share their outfits and so very thankful for this challenge bringing us all together.
  2. Having the motivation to organize the kitchen. Our kitchen isn’t very big and we don’t have a ton of storage space so the cupboards tend to get pretty crammed and messy.  I’ve been wanting to reorganize everything for a while but the task always seemed so daunting. Yesterday I decided to just go for it and the results are great!  Everything has a place now!
  3. Getting closer to having our second wood stove installed! Last winter we decided we would heat exclusively with wood after running out of propane (read about it here), so we needed to buy a second stove. It’s been a long process but we are finally getting there!  As of today, the new tiles have been laid where the stove will sit and the inspector from the wood stove company has been by to make sure everything is sound before installation.  The next step is the actual install!  I’m looking forward to having the stove in the living room and using it to heat the bedrooms.

What are you thankful for this week? Fellow bloggers, if you have a thankful Thursday post feel free to link that in the comments!

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