Thankful Thursday

How is your week so far?  Are you still getting ready for all things Christmas?  I just have to assemble some tins of cookies, finish knitting a scarf, and of course, prepare the house for guests since we are hosting dinner on Boxing Day!

thankful thursday

Here is what I’m thankful for this week:

  1. A successful craft fair last weekend. I sold most of my stock and was able to make some extra money.
  2. David is almost finished exams for this semester.  To be honest, I’ve been kind of lonely the last few weeks as he has been studying a lot at school.  It will be nice to spend some time together!
  3. I am employed again. While it’s sort of bittersweet for me to be working, we need to replenish our savings account after that rather large wood stove purchase.  The best part of this job is that I will be working from home for most of it!

My list is short and sweet this week.  I’d love to know what you’re thankful for!

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