Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone, sorry I have been MIA this week.  I’ve been busy with work, and my free time has been spent laying down with a heating pad on my back for hours every day since Monday.  How I hurt my back remains a mystery though.  Typing while laying down is tricky, so I’ve sort of propped myself against the arm of the couch for this post.


Despite my terrible back pain, I’ve found things to be thankful for this week.  Below is my list and I’d love for you to share yours.  Use the hashtag #OWHThankfulThursday on Twitter or pop by my Facebook page to share.

  1. The long weekend we had and that David and I both had Monday off.  We planned to do some work on the basement bathroom but my back pain kept me down.  We watched Netflix and just spent time together instead.
  2. The friends I’ve made who were married in October 2012, like us.  Even though we are all spread out across North America it is nice to have a community of women to talk to about life, marriage and everything in between.  We hurt and celebrate with each other and I’m so glad to be with them.
  3. Our newish hot water heater.  Several months ago our old one just stopped working suddenly because it was old and covered in calcium deposits from the previous owners before they installed a water softener.  After David would shower in the morning I’d have to wait about an hour for the water to warm up for my shower.  On cold days like today, or mornings where there isn’t a lot of time to wait for the water to heat again it’s nice to have a new, good quality water heater.

Tell me your list!


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