Thankful Thursday

How has your week been so far?  Work still has me pretty busy, since I was working over 30  hours a week between both jobs.  The weather here is still cold and snowy, not unusual for winter in Canada though!  But some people still complain about it.  Here’s my list of what I’m thankful for this week.

  1. The sun was out all day yesterday and made winter seem less dreary.  This morning is looking like another bright day, so I’m hoping the snow will maybe start melting a little!
  2. We started cleaning out our garage last night.  It’s not exciting, but something we have been meaning to do for a while, since it’s currently being used as overflow for stuff we had t sort through.  Our goal is to clear out everything in the garage and make it into a work shop space for David.
  3. On Saturday my family and I are doing a little photo session, shot by yours truly.  My middle brother got a puppy in January so my mom wants photos of when she is still small(ish).  And since I will have my camera, I’m going to take some photos of the people too!  We don’t have any photos of all of us together, so I know my mom is looking forward to it (there’s her, me, my 2 younger brothers and David).

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