Thankful Thursday

Good morning, friends.  I’m so sorry for my lack of posts (again).  I’ve had quite the week and this is the first free day I’ve had. My terrible week started last Thursday when I missed a shift at work due to some miscommunication on my part.  At first I was annoyed at the person who told me I missed a shift, then I realized it was my fault so I was annoyed at myself.  Then on Friday I fell down the stairs in our living room and bruised myself in several places.   On Monday I woke up to find our living room window was leaking water.  Tuesday I developed a migraine that is still lingering today, and was so bad yesterday my manager at work sent me home. Since the weather has been so warm and all the snow is melting we are faced with another few weeks of having to monitor our garage for flooding.  It’s not fun and can be very stressful. During weeks like that I find it hard to stay positive in the moment; it’s only upon reflecting at the end of the day I realize I may have been quick to anger/get frustrated.  Since I’ve had an especially frustrating week I had to really think about what I’m thankful for this week.


  1. When I fell down the stairs, I hit my head pretty hard.  I’m thankful I didn’t sustain a severe injury to my head, much less a bruise.  David said he thought I would have done some damage after he saw me fall.
  2. On Saturday David and I visited my mom, brother and his puppy.  She is so big!! Clementine is only 3.5 months old!!!
  3. My dad came over on Tuesday to help David solve the mystery of the leaking window.  We were concerned it was going to be a big job, but apparently the leak was cause by a few small nail holes that could easily be patched. After David shoveled off the roof and the holes were repaired I’m happy to say the leak has not returned!
  4. We know the garage can flood with all the melting snow, so we were prepared before it happened.  I’m VERY thankful for that!  Last spring we didn’t realize the possibility of flooding and only discovered it after water seeped into the basement under our newly laid floors.

How was your week?  What are you thankful for today?  Use the hashtag #OWHThankfulThursday to let me know on Twitter.

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