Thankful Thursday week 2

Today I’d like to start this Thankful Thursday post by saying “thank you” to everyone who has taken my feedback survey so far  (if you haven’t done so already please click the high lighted text!).  Several of you mentioned you’d like me to post more personal things on my blog so that’s what I plan to do in this post.  
I’m thankful for:
  1. the paramedics and staff who treated me at the hospital Tuesday evening after a wasp sting (I’ll elaborate in a second)
  2. the time David and I spent cooking dinner together yesterday; we don’t really have time to that very often anymore.
  3. being able to model for and mentor a young photographer in my area
And now, for a brief retelling of my wasp sting incident.  On Tuesday afternoon around 4-4:15 a wasp landed on my head so I tried to brush it off thinking it was a leaf.  I pricked my index finger right on the stinger and felt a sharp pain.  But I was fine, except for some throbbing.  I was away from home at the time but when I got back I started to feel weird.  I got really itchy on my scalp and a few other places on my body but didn’t think much of it.  I text David and he said to take some benadryl to help with swelling and the itchiness.  Then my throat started to slowly tighten, I got very hot and my pulse elevated.  I called 911 in a panic and they had an ambulance to my home in about 10  minutes.  The two paramedics who arrived said they wanted to take me to the hospital about 15 minutes away so I text David to let him know (poor guy got a text from me saying I was calling 911 and didn’t get a reply back from me when he asked if I was ok.  He thought I passed out!  I text him from the ambulance saying I was breathing). I received a shot of benadryl in my arm and was later given a steroid IV drip to help with swelling and the hives that were now all over my body, including my face.  I was monitored at the hospital for about 4 hours or so and was sent home with a prescription for an Epi pen.  I stayed home from work on Wednesday because the doctor said I might have a secondary reaction and David stayed home too to watch me.  My hives were gone by morning but my finger still aches and is swollen.  My whole arm is sore from the needles and IV too (yes, I’m a huge baby).
Honestly, it was all a very scary experience.  I’ve always been afraid of being stung by a wasp or bee because I react badly to mosquito bites (the bites can often swell from grape to golf ball size) but never did I think I’d have that kind of reaction.  I was scared I’d stop breathing before the paramedics came but they got here fast, and the rate at which my throat was tightening was not really life threatening but I didn’t realize that at the time.  I felt so much safer being in the ambulance!  Before Tuesday I’d never called 911, never ridden in an ambulance, never been in a hospital that long and never had an IV (which I hated and hurt a lot).  
Now that I have my Epi pen I feel a little safer knowing that this reaction won’t happen again but I’m also hoping and praying I never have to use it.  I don’t deal with pain well and the thought of a giant needle jabbing into my thigh and staying there for 10 seconds gives me the willies.  But that’s a better alternative to possibly dying!  
Wow, that was long!  But you guys asked and I listened when it comes to more personal content on my blog.  And now, as a treat for reading all the way to the end, please enjoy (or not) some pictures of my poor little pudgy finger, taken when I got back from the hospital.

I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for this week!  Comment below or feel free to link up using the Thankful Thursday button.


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