Thankful Thursday week 6

I have been slacking on my weekly Thankful Thursday posts because I have so many great content ideas it all gets kind of lost and jumbled in my head.  Maybe I need to start writing them down…

This week I’m thankful:
  1. that we were able to have friends over a couple weeks ago.  It was really nice seeing everyone.
  2. for my pseudo promotion at work.   I’m a supervisor in training, which really just means I will be opening and closing the store sometimes as well as dealing with the cash in the registers.
  3. that my mom is giving us her wood stove.  We hate heating with propane and are excited to add a second stove the house.
  4. we have a new grey water pump in the basement since our old one was garbage (the pump collects the water from the sinks, shower and wash machine in a holding tank in the basement.  Then when it is full it pumps it all out to the septic tank.  Ours was old and clogged so it shorted out.  Water spilled all over the floor when the pump shorted out, so to prevent more water from leaking we couldn’t run the sink or shower until the plumber came out the next day.  We now have a brand new, properly sized pump!).

What are you thankful for this week?  Tell me in the comment below, or on Facebook.

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2 comments on “Thankful Thursday week 6

  1. Hi Christina! I know what you mean about slacking on Thankfuk Thursday. :-) It’s been probably at least a month since I did my first one. Not that I’m not thankful for the blessings God has given me; I’m actually doing this thing with a group this month where we all write down 7 things we’re thankful for everyday until the end of November. :-) I nominated you over at my blog Lilies of Grace for an award. :-) Come check it out using this link:
    Have a great day! :-)

    • Sometimes it can be hard to remember what we are thankful for but I find writing it down really helps! When I was a kid my mom had us write in a Gratitude journal everyday. It was great!

      Thank you so much for the nomination!!

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