the best movies to watch in fall

Fall weather can be funny: some days it’s cold and windy but others are sunny and warm.  I enjoy being outside during the fall but on the cold days that remind me too much of winter I like to stay in with a good book or movie.  David and I have always enjoyed watching movies together, so I have compiled a list of some of my favourites for fall.


family movies

Free Birds is a cartoon about a turkey who travels back in time in hopes of saving turkeys from becoming the Thanksgiving meal staple.  I found the movie funny, so I’m sure kids will too! 

The Boxtrolls is about an orphan boy who was taken in by underground creatures called The Boxtrolls.  The Boxtrolls are seen by others as dangerous creatures who must be trapped, so the boy, along with his female friend, try to save them.  It’s a really unique movie and,even though it doesn’t take place in fall, reminds me of the colder season because of the colours and overall feel of the movie.  David and I saw this in theaters and thoroughly enjoyed it!

The Nut Job is another cartoon that both kids and adults will enjoy.  This movie is about a squirrel and his friends trying to stockpile enough nuts for winter.  While the movie focuses on the critters trying to break into a store and steal the nuts, it’s still entertaining and could open up a dialogue about why animals need to store food over winter.

Adult Movies

The Lakehouse is about 2 people who are sending letters to each other via the mailbox at the lakehouse, but the mailbox is somehow acting as some sort of connection between the past and the future since the man is living in the house in the year 2004 and the woman in 2006.  It’s an interesting movie with gorgeous scenery, but it’s been a while since I have seen it so I can’t recall if there is any sexual content or not.

The Proposal has gorgeous Alaskan fall scenery that makes me want to visit the state!  This movie is about a boss and her assistant who are planning to get married when they realize the boss’s temporary visa is expiring.  There is some offensive language, suggestive nudity (but you don’t see scenes with frontal nudity), and a chubby male stripper who gyrates while wearing little clothing (the scene is supposed to be funny instead of sexual).  Despite that, the movie is entertaining and has an unexpected ending.

Did you hear about the Morgans? is another movie with great scenery (can you sense a theme?)!  It is a movie about the Meryl and Paul Morgan, a separated couple who must enter witness protection after they see a crime take place. They are sent together to a remote town and must act like a married couple while waiting out their permanent and separate relocation.  There are some scenes with guns since the host couple are hunters but the scenes are not violent.

The Great Outdoors is an movie from 1988 that David really enjoys.  It’s a typical 80s comedy about 2 families that end up sharing a cabin together.  The movie has some suggestive marital nudity, but it is not frontal.


Red Riding Hood is a live action movie starring Amanda Seyfried. It’s a scarier remake of the classic fairy tale that is really enjoyable.  While the movie isn’t a typical Halloween movie, it’s cinematography and eerie qualities make it seasonally appropriate.  There are some frightening scenes, violence and some sexual content so I do not recommend this as a family movie!  This movie isn’t very scary, but it does keep you at the edge of your seat.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is a classic that hopefully everyone has watched!  It’s a Charlie Brown movie about kids and Halloween.  The movie is innocent and entertaining and sure to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

What movies are your favourites for fall?

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