The Path to a Modest Lifestyle book review

Today I’m doing a book review for The Path to a Modest Lifestyle by Amanda Leite.  Amanda asked for some bloggers to give her latest book a read and share their honest opinions on their blogs, and I was more than happy to volunteer!

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I’ll start my review by saying the book is less of a book, and more an instruction manual for anyone wanting to start dressing and living more modestly.  Amanda begins by sharing personal experiences, which made me feel like I was reading a friend’s heartfelt advice instead of a stranger whom I know nothing about.   Each chapter is clear and concise, while giving Biblical confirmation to what is being said.  I appreciate that Amanda isn’t just spouting off random information, but she is actually backing it up with scripture.

It’s rare for me to find other women who enjoy wearing skirts as much as I do, so I almost cheered aloud when Amanda talked about her decision to wear skirts all the time.  She says wearing skirts is a “wonderful daily reminder of the thought and hard work God put into making me who I am: a woman” and I could not agree more!

The section on simplifying your wardrobe is sure to be of great help to anyone desiring to overhaul their closet.  I know from first hand experience it can be very overwhelming, but Amanda offers easy to follow tips that make the task less daunting.

When talking about modesty of the heart, Amanda once again uses scripture to back up what she is saying.  She makes excellent points about modesty being so much more than just the way we dress, but also the manner in which we carry ourselves in our day to day activities.

Throughout the pages of The Path to a Modest Lifestyle, Amanda Leite offers Biblical based wisdom and guidance for women of all ages who desire to serve and honour God through modesty.  I truly enjoyed reading this guide and am sure you will too!

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Amanda generously offered to run a giveaway for you all, so you can get your own copy of The Path to a Modesty Lifestyle!  All you have to do is enter below, and if you don’t win (or want to buy a copy for a friend) you  can purchase one here.

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This giveaway is now closed; the winner is Amanda Y.

You can visit Amanda Leite on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon, her website, and blog.

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  1. I’ve recently found your blog and it’s one of my favorites! I look forward to seeing your weekly outfits and I’m also reading some of your past posts as well. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

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