the story of us

I made a really neat photo display on a really awkward-to-decorate wall at our house.  The wall is very tall and leads down to our back door/basement area.  Since it’s so big I really wanted to fill the space with something…but what?  A large piece of art was not an option because you can’t really stand back far enough to see it fully.  So I decided to create a collection of small framed pictures.  But not just the random stuff I’d usually frame!
I refer to this as “the story of us” because I’m displaying pictures of important times in my relationship with David (so far we have a picture of our graduation day, the day he proposed and our wedding day).  I have yet to hang a picture of our house, but there is no rush.  I plan to fill the wall with pictures of things like our first vacation, our first child, etc. 

I think this is an awesome thing for newlyweds to do.  But it’s also a great idea as a gift for parents or grandparents.  Imagine how sweet it would be to collect pictures from your parent’s me marriage over the past 25 years and present them with a framed collection for them to hang.  Of if they just don’t have the wall space, you could easily print the pictures for an album. 

Enjoy (and maybe create your own Story of Us wall!).

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