Hair Inspiration: Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably already know that I’m a champion for short hair on women.  I believe it can be feminine and beautiful and that all women should try cutting their hair short at least once.  I had my first short hair experience the day I graduated high school, hated it and spent the next several years growing it out.  I took the plunge again in the Spring of 2013 (with a much better hair dresser!!) and have not regretted it!

I think a lot of people thing short hair is not versatile, but there are so many ways to get it cut and styled! I even have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to short hair.  Over the last several months I’ve been experimenting with different lengths of my hair.  All still short, but slightly different.  Usually I have my hair dresser cut it all short and my bangs on an angle.  Lately I’ve been toying with letting my hair grow out a few more inches so that I can have it cut into a Jennifer Lawrence inspired style.  But in all honesty, I don’t have the patience to grow my hair that much.  And I really don’t like the grow out phase of a pixie cut, especially since my hair is so thick.  I decided to go for a similar style though, so I used Anne Hathaway for inspiration.

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I liked this cut because it is still a little long on top but the sides are shorter.  Although I was unsure of how this cut would look on me, I went for it anyway.  I asked my hair dresser if she would be okay recutting my hair if I didn’t like it and she said yes.  My main concern was that I would look puffy on top because my hair is soooo thick.

Before I show you the photos of my new hair style I want to show how long my hair was!  Prior to this week’s cut I think my last one was in December.



My hair gets a little wavy once it reaches a certain length and this is how it looks with no products or styling.  I literally wash it and air dry. And for comparison, here is a shot of my hair on the same day but straightened.

shaggypixie2I was having a lot of issues with the back of my hair, specifically that little rat tail!!  That was the main reason for having it cut so short in the back this time.


As you can see, it’s a lot shorter!  I’m still trying to figure out how to style it best, but the most important thing is that the rat tail is gone!


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