The Year of Pinterest: daily chore list

I’m someone who usually enjoys cleaning but sometimes I don’t have the time to clean everything everyday.  Who am I kidding?  I almost NEVER have that amount of free time.  Between working, making meals and keeping the fire stoked I usually have time and motivation for 1 or 2 small chores.  I admit I sometimes got a few days without doing much of anything, but when I do have time to clean I get overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done.  Please tell me I’m not alone in that?

After seeing this pin on Pinterest I decided to make a list of small chores I can do each day so that cleaning the whole house is a less daunting task.



I included tasks that can be done each day because they don’t require a lot of time.  For example, making the bed takes literally less than 10 seconds.  If I do at least 1 load of laundry every night there will be less for me to do on Saturdays which I deemed laundry day.

I’m feeling pretty confident that I can stick to this cleaning schedule! If you’d like to save a copy for yourself, just right click the image and hit “save” to store it on your device.

Now, I made my list according to the work that has to be done in my house but yours should be tailored to fit your cleaning needs.  For example, we have almost a dozen house plants that need to be watered (or checked) once a week.  If you don’t have plants inside maybe you can replace that chore with something like ‘wipe down all light switches’.  And my list includes sweeping and vacuuming the basement because we store firewood there and it gets pretty messy.  If your basement is used far less often, or is not usable at all, just find another chore to do in place of that.  Something like ‘make grocery list’, ‘plan meals for the week‘ or ‘clean out fridge’ would be awesome.

I’d love to know if this chore list is something you decided to try for yourself.  And if you are already super motivated to do chores daily, please share your secrets!! Comment below, tell me on Facebook or Twitter or send an email (

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