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If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen my post about doing a big closet overhaul (ideas came from here and here).  I was going to sift through my clothing and hopefully simplify my wardrobe by getting rid of a lot of pieces.  I have a large closet, which allows me to have a lot of clothing!


This is what my closet looks like on a daily basis.  On the left are my fancier dresses and skirts, the shelves hold miscellaneous things, the dresser has my socks, pants, layering shirts for work and sweaters.  On the right side of the closet I have some cardigans and blouses hanging.  My goal was to get rid of clothing I didn’t love or wear anymore.   So I began by separating my heavy winter clothes and dresses for special occasions.  IMG_1954 IMG_1955

I was getting some momentum and seeing empty space in my closet, which is a great feeling!  Next step is to look at the hanging clothes and determine what I’m not wearing.  All the dresses and skirts I have hanging can be worn in winter with tights, so if I didn’t wear them at all this winter I was going to give them away.  I only found 1 dress to donate, which was a little discouraging.  I mean, how can I have worn ALL my dresses?  Okay, I didn’t wear every single one this winter, but I loved them all.

In an attempt to get some of my momentum back I took to the drawers.  I wear those items on a pretty regular basis so I knew what fit and what was being worn.  I found some clothes in the bottom drawer which I KNEW didn’t fit anymore so those went in the immediate donation pile. But that was all I could find.  I had about half a dozen items of clothing to give away and my closet was not looking very slim.

Enter discouragement.  I had planned for a great overhaul!  I mean, how can I have so much clothing?  When do I wear it all? I thought maybe I could take out some of the items I wear often to give everything else a chance to be worn.  So I pulled my favourite dresses (that I have been wearing SOMUCH since I got them in 2010) as well as skirts I have been wearing a lot recently.  But then I thought: why would I stop wearing something that makes me feel good?  Obviously I’m choosing the same few pieces for a reason.

I didn’t want to stop wearing things I love, just because I felt guilty for having too much clothing (this guilt came from seeing numerous articles and blog posts online about people owning a minimal amount of clothing and how awesome it was). The truth is: I enjoy clothes.  I like putting an outfit together and dressing up a little.  I don’t wear things that are ill fitting or not flattering to me and I regularly search my closet for those items.   I’ve come to the realization that there is nothing wrong with having a lot of clothes, as long as they are regularly worn.  Getting rid of anything (be it clothing, furniture, knick knacks, etc) just to have less isn’t always a good idea because it often leads to regret.

So what if I have a couple dozen dresses?  Each one is different, most can be worn across all 4 seasons and they are all versatile (can be worn for church, errands, get togethers with friends, etc).   If you are feeling the need to start purging your closet, I highly recommend it!  It can be fun and useful to take inventory of what you own.  You may find things you forgot you had, which is great.  Or you might discover you have several of the same item that are taking up space.  You might also find you have a lot of clothing you don’t wear anymore and can be donated.  But please, don’t feel like you have to pare your closet down to just a few items because it’s the “thing to do”.

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