then&now: dining room

The dining room in our house isn’t that big, but it feels like a big space because of it’s openness.  st I thought it was a lot smaller when we first looked at it because it was so cluttered.  And I didn’t even  know it had a window!

Here are the before pictures.

there was so much stuff in here that they couldn’t even fit the table in properly!  and that cabinet on the right is hiding a gorgeous window.

The major change we did was to paint the walls brown.  I was so glad that David agreed to this because I think it’s a major improvement over the nice, but boring beige walls.  We also put very little furniture in the room to keep it feeling light and open.

as you can see, all we have in here is our table and chairs and a plant

this is the window I didn’t know we had until we moved in.  we put David’s avocado plant here because it gets lots of natural light (yes, avocado! he grew it from seed).

I’m really pleased with our dining room now.  I think the brown paint is really classy, but cozy. And it picks up the dark knots in the wood paneling as seen in the above picture.  I especially love my big Morning Glory sign!  You can read it’s “story” here

The next then&now I’ll post is our main bathroom…check back soon!

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