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I’ve posted before about our bathroom makeover but we’ve done a bit more since then.  As you may remember, our bathroom was awful.  The first thing we did when we got possession of the house was to rip off all the bathroom wallpaper. We also replaced the toilet, painted everything and removed the sliding shower door.

this was another cluttered room in the house, which is never a good sign!  usually it means there isn’t enough storage in the house.  but we are finding it adequate…maybe the previous owners just had too much stuff.   It’s a little hard to see, but that toilet was powder blue…ugh.

what you see here is an ugly shower with wallpaper and border around it.  this is a terrible idea in a bathroom without a ceiling fan!

Our makeover isn’t very exciting or amazing, but it’s clean and simple.

the walls were painted a beige colour but it ended up being more off white.  The cupboard and trim were painted white.  We replaced the toilet with a low flow, and we love it!  David used the existing mirror and made a lovely frame for it out of inexpensive trim.  sadly, the light fixture remains due to budget constraints.

We removed the sliding doors and added a normal shower curtain instead.

As I said earlier, this isn’t an amazing makeover.  But I’m so proud of it!  I love showing off the bathroom because it was the first project David and I did together.  And the state of the room before was terrible!!  I will admit that I’m a bit disappointed when people don’t jump up and down with delight when they see my bathroom…but then I say it used to be wallpapered and have sliding shower doors.  They are usually a bit more impressed!

We still have some rooms we want to redo, but for now we have done the important ones. There is actually one really ugly room that we call “Ugly Bedroom” and have the door closed at all times.  That may be next on our list.

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