then&now: master bedroom

Our house was in pretty good shape when we bought it.  The electrical was safe…the furnace was brand new…there were no structural issues.  But the décor was awful!!!  The house isn’t very large (1800 square feet) but it was insanely cluttered by the pervious owners.  The living areas were painted a neutral colour but the bedrooms and bathrooms were unsightly.

This week I’ll be posting pictures of what various rooms in our house now and the way they looked before. 
Up today is the master bedroom.  I warn you, it was dated and frilly beforehand!

yucky green walls, awful ceiling fan and a lot of clutter would probably have been a turn off for most people.  Plus, this room is only 10×11 feet.
our “after” shot.  the walls have been painted a cream colour, we replaced the ceiling fan and have made the choice not to allow clutter in here. 

I’d say the painting was the biggest challenge.  The ceilings start at 8 feet and extend to 14 feet, which means the walls are different heights too.  I did most of the painting because I enjoy it, but David had to finish the foot or so I couldn’t reach around the high walls.  He was great about letting me pick colour!  I showed him a paint chip and he said to go ahead and get it.  We used 2 cans of paint here! 

My next post will feature our bathroom…ugh. Here’s a little teaser: blue toilet

PS-In case you need some more convincing of how sad the room was before.

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