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I was looking through last year’s OWH posts and revisited my first fashion post.  I still wear some variation of this outfit everytime I go out to run errands, but the only difference is MY HAIR.

March 2013
Feb. 2014
Feb. 2013

Feb. 2014
My face actually looks thinner now and my jawline is more emphasized (which I like!)
I really liked my hair cut last year but it was too high maintenance for me. My hair is naturally wavy/curly but it didn’t look very nice when left natural at this length so I’d straighten it almost every day (I was hoping it would be curly when cut short, but of course it is completely straight!).  My hair is also very thick so my head got very warm in the summer.  Cutting my hair hair was a great choice for me!

In case you’re curious, here is my current hair cut from different angles.  Yeah, I know it looks kinda funny in the back but that’s just how my hair grows!  My hair dresser still did an awesome job.

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And in case you still haven’t had enough, I have a Pinterest board dedicated entirely to short hair!

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