this is what happens when I give my husband the camera…

…he takes awesome photos!!!  Seriously, I have given up trying to take outfit photos myself because they never turn out well.  So now I just ask David to take a few shots for me since he seems to be unexpectedly good at it! I adjust the camera settings as necessary but David does the actual picture taking.  He seems to like taking rapid fire photos, which result in a lot of goofy shots!  We took these photos yesterday around 7:15 in the evening after I got home from the Library.

rustmaxiskirt rustmaxiskirt2

I take a few seconds to fix my clothes and make sure my hair is okay before shooting, but David sees this as a funny photo op, as seen in the above 2 photos.


^^that’s my “pretty face”!


 ^^There we go…a moderately serious photo!


I asked David to get a shot of my earrings if possible and I thought he had zoomed in more, which is why I have a blank stare expression.  I was also trying to hold very still.  David said I looked majestic, so I wrecked it with the expressions you will see in the next 2 shots!

rustmaxiskirt6 rustmaxiskirt7 rustmaxiskirt8

If you’re thinking you’ve already seen this outfit, you aren’t entirely wrong.  I wore a similar one last month, but when I find an outfit combo that works I will wear it over and over!  I used the same basic idea of pairing this skirt with a floral top that has similar tones and I topped it with a neutral cardigan.

Oh, and in other news, I got my hair cut again!  There are times I think I could grow it out but after about 6 weeks post hair cut I start getting annoyed with it.  I really prefer my hair this short, and could probably go even shorter on top!  I have very thick and heavy hair, so my head gets super hot in the warmer months, which is why I like keeping it short.  And I don’t wash my hair every day, but when I do it takes me less than 5 minutes (what you’re seeing here is unwashed hair on day 2).

Here is the link for the earrings I’m wearing and you can see me wearing them earlier this year here.

Do you often wear similar outfits repeatedly?  Do you ever cut your hair shorter in the summer months?


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