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Before I got married I lived with my mom and siblings.  I rarely had to make dinner as my mom would cook and we’d have leftovers for a few days.  Or I’d stop after work for something or just not be very hungry.  Now that I’m married and have a husband to feed I’ve discovered it takes a bit of planning to make dinners.  For example, we didn’t really think about what we’d eat on our honeymoon (we spent a good portion of it at home).  Therefore, we had no food in the fridge. Therefore, we had to buy some groceries at the only grocery store in town (which was pretty pricey!). 
Last week we ate leftovers but I decided that I’d prepare for the week ahead by making a list of the meals to make so that we can shop for all the ingredients on our weekly shopping trip.

Here is this week’s menu.


I had a small chalkboard laying around so I wrote the menu on that.  It’s pretty, functional and environmentally friendly because I’m not using paper (if I clean it with paper towel I will compost it.  And if I use a cloth I’ll just throw it in the wash).

I realize my menu only goes until Thursday, but I’m planning on having leftovers for Friday and Saturday. 

I made the pizza casserole last night and will be posting my recipie today.


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