“tights are not pants”

When I was a teenager there was a fashion trend going around that was both horrifying and confusing. Women were wearing footless (sheer) tights instead of pants.  The tights were usually paired with a tee shirt, which doesn’t cover the backside at all!  I’m not sure who decided it was okay to dress that way, but it soon became very popular.  I never wore tights as pants, but a lot of my friends did and saw nothing wrong with it.  Eventually clothing companies started selling “leggings” which were tights, cleverly disguised with a new name.  Ever since then I’ve had a hate/hate relationship with leggings and footless tights.  It is only over the last couple years that I have seen their value for wearing under dresses and tunics.  They can look good when paired with the proper clothes…meaning, as long as someone’s bum is covered, it’s okay!

Now, onto my outfit post!  David took these photos for me and may have had a little too much fun behind the camera!  I included some funny shots  as well as the ones actually showing my clothes.

IMG_6707 IMG_6711

IMG_6721 IMG_6734


This is an outfit that makes me feel happy!  I chose to wear the dress and cardigan together because green and purple are my favourite colours.  The scarf was an after thought but it ended up working out! The tunic is actually a dress that I pulled up a few inches to make it shorter.

Here are some links for similar clothing if you wanted to recreate this outfit:
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2 comments on ““tights are not pants”

  1. I love this outfit! Cute and springy. I totally agree- leggings aren’t pants! I see girls wearing them all the time at school, but I just don’t see how they are the same. Great post!


    • Thanks Grace! I think people interpret “pants” how they want…like how some girls wear a long top that barely covers their bum but they call it a dress. NOPE.

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