Top 10 posts of 2016

Well, another year has ended and I’m wondering where the time has gone!  I like to take a look back at my blog posts to see what sort of things you all read the most, so this post is sharing the top 10 most popular blog posts of the year, based on page views.

10. Weekly Outfits 16: I am not sure why this post is the tenth most viewed, but you all seemed to like it!  I shared some thrifted outfits as well as spring-y clothing, including a skirt I made from a bed sheet.

9. Growing out a pixie cut, part four: I am not surprised this post made it in the top 10, because readers seemed to really respond to a new pixie cut post!  I went from very short and straight hair, to a curly little bob over the course of about nine months, and now my hair is shoulder length.

8. Modest Wardrobe Essentials: I liked writing this post!  Since my journey to modesty was not overnight, I have had a lot of time to figure out what clothing works best for my standards, as well as some tricks to making immodest clothes work.

7. Growing out a pixie cut, one year later:  This was the point I felt like my hair was actually starting to look good again! Growing out a pixie cut is awkward at times and it took about one year for me to feel confident with my hair again.

6. Making a short dress more modest: This was a fun post to write, and I personally think it is a great way to extend your wardrobe if you are new to modest dressing.


5. Why (and how) you should dress well at home: I felt like I was digging myself into a hole with this post, because SO many women feel like it’s totally fine to wear PJS all day, and I was afraid of offending them.  If you read this post, you may be able to tell that this is a topic I am passionate about.

4. Growing out a pixie cut, part threeThis whole series turned out to be quite successful, which was somewhat surprising.  I am unsure if it was popular because other ladies were growing out their hair, or if it was just fun to see progress pictures.

3. Growing out a pixie cut, part two: This post was hard to write because I had been feeling so insecure about my hair, specifically the back.  It was growing in funny and looked all shaggy, so I was having a hard time styling it to look presentable.  I ended up getting my stylist to trim and shape the back, which you can see in the post.

2. Growing out a pixie cut, part one: I started this series as a way to stay accountable.  I wanted to grow out my hair because I was ready for a change, but I knew I’d probably cave and get it cut once it became bothersome.  By publicly sharing my plans, I had hoped it would keep me from chopping my hair off before the year’s timeline I set for myself.  I actually didn’t plan to let me hair keep growing, but it is currently just past my shoulders and I am going to keep it long!

1. Why I wear skirts:  I feel really strongly about wearing skirts, but probably not for the reason you may think.  When I wrote this post I had hoped it would give my readers some insight into my modesty choices, but I had no idea it would be so popular!


THANK YOU to everyone who continues to read my blog!  I have big plans for 2017, so I hope you continue to stick around.

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