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One of the reasons I enjoy wearing dresses is that they are so easy to wear! In the colder months I always wear a sweater over my dress and usually a long sleeved shirt underneath, so I need to make sure both tops match the dress and each other.  But in the summer I just put on a dress and I’m good to go; no sweater needed!  Usually I choose dresses that have a fuller skirt or are made of fabric with some stretch but I saw this patterned shift dress at a thrift store and immediately wanted it!


The pattern features palm trees and the fabric is nice and airy, even though the skirt is not full.  So far I’ve worn this dress to work, out with a friend, around the house, for errands and to the beach.  Here I am in beach gear, which HAS to include a floppy hat!


I keep my jewelry to a minimum with such a casual dress, opting for flower dangle earrings.

And here is a photo showing the silhouette of the dress sans belt.  I prefer to belt it because it adds more definition but sometimes a belt makes my waist too hot.



I’m really glad I bought this dress because it is versatile, cute and lightweight.  I know I can wear it right up into fall by layering it over some skinny jeans or leggings and topping it with a cute cardigan.  In fact…I will wear that exact outfit in a few months and post it here:)


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  1. Wow, that dress is super cute! I Love the print! And the floppy hat is definitely a perfect touch to the outfit. ;)

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