two years

As of Sunday it has been 2 years since David and I became home owners.  Here we are on September 28, 2012.

We have changed in 2 years, but so has our house!  A lot of projects have taken place in that time, and we aren’t done yet!  Below are some examples of what we have changed.

the bathroom when we first looked at the house; the bathroom now

the dining room when we first moved in; the dining room now.  obviously, the big change is paint colour!

living room before; living room now.  the “before” picture is actually from last year but we rearranged the furniture to accommodate a new wood stove which isn’t pictured. the after picture is how the room looks today.

basement stairs when we moved in; stairs now.  the stair tutorial is one of my popular posts.

exterior before; exterior after.  we actually didn’t change much but somehow the siding always looks brighter and more reddish now.  the main differences now are: redone garden, trees planted in yard, pool taken out (located on the right of the top picture), wood stove pipe added.

front garden before; front garden after.  apologies for the downspout pipe…we just laid new sod where it usually rests and didn’t want to damage it with the pipe!  the main difference here is…everything! I removed every plant and shrub to put in my own flowers and I think it looks so much better!

this image shows how we filled the yard with saplings.  our mini orchard is located in the south side of our front yard. 

after having an ugly, metal screen door that opened the wrong way we decided to get this type of door instead.  

There are many other changes we made to the house, some by choice (like paint colours) others by necessity such as new plumbing or flooring where the basement flooded.  We have also learned a lot about being homeowners and how difficult it can be sometimes.

Sometimes I still can’t believe this is our house.  It’s not the nicest, biggest or newest house but it’s ours. To have become homeowners at ages 22 and 24 is amazing and I’m so proud of us! We bought this house with the intent of being here for the long haul and I can see us growing old together here.

We have so many more big plans for the house and yard! That includes building a patio, planting more trees, expanding the veggie garden, building a fence…And inside we hope to replace the flooring upstairs, take out some awkward closets, update the kitchen, redo the basement bathroom.

If we have accomplished this much in a couple years, imagine how our house will look in 5 or 10 years! Hopefully I’ll still be blogging then and can look back to this post with fondness and pride :)

PS-see more house photos under the “house” heading at the top of the blog!

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