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Since my original living room tour things have moved around a lot.  I enjoy rearranging furniture and updating items we have displayed.  We played around with the furniture configuration until we found one that made the room feel cozy but not too tight.  Previously we have the furniture all up against walls, which looked okay but it felt empty.  Now we have a designated “seating and conversation” area and every single piece of furniture has a purpose.


living_room (1)

living_room (3)

This bench (below) is a vintage piece from my dad.  The top flips open for storage, and we currently have it packed with hand knit blankets from David’s grandma.

living_room (2)

This is the view as soon as you walk into the house and look to the right.

living_room (4) living_room (5) living_room (6) living_room (7)

Between the two of us we have a lot of neat little things on display.  This collection is a telescope, carved owl, vintage bottle and cigar case and an antler from a deer.

living_room (8) living_room (9)

If you look at the previous post about the living room you will notice the couch has shrunk now. It’s actually a sectional but it comes apart, so we removed one of the pieces because it felt too cramped in the room with the additional piece.

The side table is from our bedroom set, but we use it here instead.  The coffee table came from a thrift store, the magazine rack is from David’s grandma (we use it for storing laptops) and the orange ottoman is from my dad.

living_room (10)

See that little metal square on the bottom right corner of the couch? That’s where the other piece attaches. And in the background you can see the front door.

living_room (11)

We used to have a book shelf here but I moved this old side table (from my bedroom as a teenager) to be used as a place to drop keys and stuff. The bottles are actually wine bottles in the shape of cats (!!!), the books are used for nature ID, the Jesus bobble head belonged to my dad, the frame holds a pressed Queen Anne’s Lace and the bowls are for mine and David’s keys.

living_room (12)

This vintage gas can was given to us by my grandfather and the rail stone was found by David many years ago.

living_room (13)

living_room (14)

This chair is “Vinnie’s Chair”, so I covered it in a blanket in hopes of containing most of her fur. Behind the chair is her tent that David created by draping a blanket over a tomato cage.

living_room (17) living_room (18)



So there you have an updated tour!  Things are always changing here, so I might have to do another post about it in a few months!  Moving furniture and accesories is fun, though, and it is an easy (and free!) way to refresh a room.  I’m going to have to post an updated dining room tour because we were gifted with a new table set for our anniversary last fall.

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