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David and I are huge fans of cool antiques and collectibles.  Most of what we have has been in our possession for a long time but we never had the space to display our stuff where we each lived separately before.  Since living in our house for almost 2 years (!!!!) we’ve found homes for pretty much every one of our vintagey treasures.  One of my favourite things to collect and display is vintage magazine advertisements.  I found a couple of 7 up ads from the ’60s when I was living at my mom’s but I wanted to save them for my own house so they were packed away safely for years.  Just this week did they find their permanent home in our bedroom.

old advertisments

I hung the ads on either side of our sliding door because the walls were empty and they don’t receive any sunlight so I know the ads won’t fade (I wanted to buy UV resistant glass frame but they are pricey).  Oh, and the ads ARE centered on each wall, but the curtains make them look wonky.

old pop ads

It was hard taking a close up picture of the ads because of a wicked glare on the glass, but I tried!  The ad on the left says “Thirst goes thataway rightaway…when you’ve got the read thirst-quencher!” and the right one says “Whenever there’s happy-girl talk it’s time for the real thirst-quencher!”  The ads are really fun and fill up a blank spot on the wall, which I like!

I bought each ad for $6 at an antiques and collectibles barn and I would like to get more eventually.  Ideally it would be an ad for something like this.  I’d probably hang them near the back door or maybe by the basement pantry once it’s finished.

Are you curious to see some other collectibles in our home?  Visit this page on to see a house tour from when we first moved in. Things look soooo different now, but there are a lot of shots of our treasures.

I’m hoping to get another house tour post of our bedroom up soon, so be sure to watch for that.  If you haven’t already done so, feel free to subscribe to my posts via e-mail (there is a little box on the right of the page).  Alternatively you can follow me on social media using the icons at the top of the page above my picture.

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