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Today we’ve been married for 1.5 years, so in honour of that I’m sharing MORE wedding photos :)

We had the ceremony in my childhood church, most of the pictures were taken at the college where we met and the reception was in a dinner theatre barn.  My bouquet is made of brooches and pins I bought or were given to me by friends and family (my Aunt even gave me some of my great-grandmother’s!).  I spent over a year collecting and then making my bouquet and I love it.  We had a small reception and served a sit down dinner with 3 meal choices (chosen by guests in advance) and our dessert was cupcakes instead of wedding cake.

We made the invitations (not pictured), name cards and framed quotes.

We opted not to decorate the church and did simple decor for the reception.  We used a lot of battery operated LED candles, sunflowers at each table, framed quotes about love and the dance floor strand of outdoor Christmas lights wrapped around the overhead beams, which my Dad and brother strung up.

The weather was rainy and chilly, so most of our pictures were indoors which was fine.  The reception ended pretty early with most guests gone by 10pm.  Since our wedding was on a Sunday we expected people would leave early since they had to work the next day.  We chose Sunday because many vendors offer discounts on services booked for days other than Saturday (our DJ for example gave us a $200 discount for having a Sunday wedding).  And since Sunday isn’t a popular day for weddings every vendor we wanted was available.

I am pretty much obsessed with looking at our wedding photos!  It was such a great start to our life together.

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