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Since the weather is finally feeling like Spring (and dare I say summer?!) I’ve been doing a lot more on weekends.  I’m going to introduce a new feature to my blog where I give updates on how we spent our weekend.  Here is the first post…they will all be categorized under the “life” heading.

I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day!  Below is a picture of my mom and I when I was a baby and then one of us from my wedding.  Lately people have been telling me we look alike but the only similarity I see is her smile in the old picture is similar to my smile now.  What do you think?

My mom works most weekends so we are taking her out for a belated Mother’s Day dinner next weekend. Better late than never!  Yesterday we had lunch at my in-law’s cottage and it was definitely a nice day to be outside!  I got a silly sunburn on the tops of my forearms after sitting in the sun with my sister-in-law for less than an hour!  Thankfully we have an aloe vera plant at home that is excellent for healing burns.

Venelope likes sitting on my vanity

David and the dogs exploring the water.  The dogs were really interested in the washed up  dead fish!

David and his dog Scout.  She lived with us for a bit after we got married but she missed her sisters who were still with his parents so we sent her back.  She is much happier now and still sees David often.

Family photo!

Saturday was a super windy day but we were on a mission to find a certain type of tree so we visited several nurseries and eventually found it.  We also found a furry little surprise at the nursery!

There were baby bunnies in one of the tree pots!! One of the employees watered the tree and about 6 bunnies jumped out in surprise. He put them all back in their little home and they fell back asleep…socute! 
I’ve got a lot planned for this week: planting some flowers, baking, making soap with my sister in law…I might even start a sewing project!

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  1. CUTEST PICTURE EVER!!! My daughter is going through a bunny phase and gets so excited when she sees them in the yard. I’m sure she would have wet herself if she saw those cuties! LOL (don’t tell her I said that…) lol

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