weekend recap AND cottage recap

Hello again!  I’m back from a semi restful vacation which was followed by a productive but tiring weekend.

First I’ll share some highlights from the cottage and then I’ll end with a brief recount of the weekend.  How about a little info on the cottage?

David’s great grandparents had it built for them (but we are unsure of the exact year), but then a dam was built on the bay so the whole cottage had to be uprooted and moved further back so the new bay could be created.  This cottage was actually the first one to be moved to it’s new location.  Once moved it was made larger and another house was built on the property.

 The cottage is located in Norway Bay, Quebec.

This painting is sooooo creepy!  We call it “The drunk Irish guy eyeing you from across the bar”.

There are lots of really neat old family photos  throughout the cottage, like these below.

 Feeding chippy friend, day 1.

this shot was David’s idea!

We were near Ottawa, Ontario so we visited a couple museums and on the way back to the cottage we saw a sign for an arboretum, so of course we stopped in! It was a huge park with hills, ponds and a lot of neat trees.  The picture below is the walls of a path we walked.

HUUUUUUGE oak tree.

Day 2 of chippy feeding.

Whiskey iced tea….recipe posted later this week:)

When I said the cottage vacation was semi restful, I meant it.  Sadly, the weather wasn’t that great so the first day we spent at the beach I was wrapped in a towel the whole time.  David managed to sunburn his stomach, so he was uncomfortable for a few days after.  The next day was hot and sunny, which I loved!  But the sun hurt David’s burn so he stayed in the shade.  The rest of the days were cold and rainy so we stayed inside.  Something in the air made us sick which made it hard to get a good night’s rest.  We decided to come home a day early on Friday; we quickly unpacked once we got home and I drove my brother back to his house since he was cat sitting for me.

That brings us to the weekend recap for August 22-24.  Friday was spent driving.  Saturday was a rest day since both David and I were feeling sick still.  David managed to cut the grass and I did loads and loads of laundry.  On Sunday my mom was moving so she asked us to help her out.  Her new apartment is on the third floor of a building with no elevators…fuuuuun.  Thankfully she had both my brothers, David, our friend Todd and my friend Drew and his dad so they were able to carry the heavy stuff.  But walking up all those stairs in the super hot weather was not fun for anyone!  When we got home I tried to sort out some internet issues because apparently our Wifi has no password!  Somehow the internet stopped working all together but after pushing buttons and unplugging wires we got it to work. I hate technology some times!

This week on the blog I’ll be sharing an outfit post from my cousin’s wedding earlier this month, the recipe for whiskey iced tea and more. As always, be sure to follow me on Facebook or via email (subscribe on the right).

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