weekend recap: August 1-3

This recap will be short because I’m sick today…booooo.

Friday was our typical day: work, dinner at home and Netflix before bed.  On Saturday I woke up with a sore throat, but went to work anyways.  A customer at work gave me his phone number and when I said “No thanks, I’m married” he told me to call him anyways…creepy.  My throat kept getting worse and by evening my voice was scratchy.    When I woke up yesterday it felt all raw and swollen.  I also had a lot of sinus pressure thanks to a sinus infection.  I have freakishly small sinus cavities so a small amount of pressure or swelling causes me a great deal of pain.  I was so tired all day and really annoyed that I was unwell because it was my day off!  I as supposed to work today but called in sick because I knew my sinuses would be killing me! And oh boy, was I right.  They are so swollen now I can’t breathe through my nose. Thankfully my throat feels a lot better…probably because of the shot of whiskey I did before bed last night.  It would have killed any bacteria in my throat.

It’s a Civic Holiday here in Ontario, so David is home today.  We didn’t have plans to do anything fun since I was supposed to be working but I think my schedule for today is: eat, nap, shower, Netflix, eat, nap.

I hope you all had a better weekend than me!

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