weekend recap: August 30-September 1

Guys, it’s September!!

Fall is my very favourite season and we had a pretty good weekend to usher in Fall 2014.  I worked at the library on Saturday morning but when I got home I did some house work and relaxed a little.  I haven’t been feeling well lately thanks to allergies.  They suck, but especially on nice days because I want to be outside and I want to use the sunshine to dry my laundry but all that pollen floating around is super annoying.  Anyways, I did manage to get outside and harvest the garlic I planted this summer.

My mom has a friend who grows organic garlic and generously gave us a few bulbs, but I forgot to plant them in the spring.  I wasn’t sure they would even be ready to harvest at the end of summer but they were!  Right now the green parts have been braided together and the whole bunch is drying in the basement pantry.  I’m excited to use garlic again in my cooking, since I usually use garlic powder.

On Sunday we went to church since I had the whole weekend (and Monday) off from my regular part time job.  I got to see my friend’s 1 month old baby and he is so cute!  After church we went appliance shopping since my in-laws offered to buy me a new stove for my birthday.  I found one ON SALE which we are picking up this week.  I did take a picture of it, but it’s on my Blackberry and getting it off is a little bit of a hassle.  I’ll post a picture once it’s set up and ready though.  On Sunday evening we watched Little Shop of Horrors on iTunes.


The 1986 version we watched is based on a musical of the same name about a florist who discovers an alien plant with an unusual appetite.  I saw a small town theatre do a production of Little Shop of Horrors when I was in high school and enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to the movie version.  It was pretty good and the actors were well cast.  

On Monday we cleaned up the house a lot and I attempted to make watermelon jelly.  I don’t think it set and I’m a little frustrated about that.  Oh well, I’ll keep working at it.  We also rearranged the living room to see how it would look with a new wood stove.  We currently have one in the basement but it doesn’t heat the bedrooms upstairs very well.  We are hoping a second, upstairs stove will keep the house toasty and lessen or eliminate our dependence on propane heating.  Last year we ran out of propane and couldn’t get a delivery for a few days, so we used our basement stove to heat the house for a full week.  It was great!  
Well, I think that sums up my long weekend.  Later this week I’ll be doing some outfit posts, a garden update and maybe even a recipe.  Have a great week.

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