weekend recap: August 8-10

Sorry for the delay in posting my weekend recap!  I woke up on Monday with a migraine and then spent the rest of the day at both jobs.  But that’s not important!  Let me share some details about our weekend.

I’m still getting over a nasty sinus infection that showed up last Sunday (August 2) so we didn’t really do a whole lot on Friday or Saturday.  I worked until the evening on both days while David did some yard work. We ran out of cat food for Vinnie so she got an extra special dinner of left over salmon…yummy! The next day she got some chili, but refused to eat the beans at first.  She did eat them when she realized we weren’t giving her more food.

We watched the Goonies in the evening since David really likes it and I’ve never seen it.  I’ll admit I was a little disappointed in it  but sometimes 80s movies are just cheesy and lame. And really, who am I to talk when some of my favorite movies are just as lame (Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Pretty in Pink)?

On Sunday we headed to Niagara-on-the-Lake for the peach festival.  There is nothing like a fresh Niagara peach and I had been looking forward to the festival for months.  However, by the time we got there and found the church selling peaches and baked goods, they were ALL GONE. It was a little frustrating but we still had a nice time.  We walked around town, some residential streets and ate lunch in the park where David proposed (you can read about that here!) just over 3 years ago.

We also went to a Irish store that sells all sorts of gifty trinkets, sweaters and family crest paraphernalia.  They have a little cafe in the back that was selling peach cheesecake so we got a slice and ate it outside.  Since the festival ran out of peaches we managed to find a local food market that was selling some, so we bought a few baskets on the way home.

We got home late in the evening on Sunday thanks to traffic so we just watched a little Netflix and went to bed.  As I mentioned before I had a wicked headache yesterday morning but it cleared up by afternoon.  When I came home I noticed David had been busy setting up this gem…

The aquarium is all set up and waiting for it’s new inhabitant: a cray fish.  We used to have a beta fish but he died after a few years, as they typically do.  Now we just need to make sure Vinnie doesn’t stick her kitty paws in the water…she has already tried drinking from the tank which is why the chalkboard is awkwardly placed behind.  
I have plans to start canning the peaches we bought before I head to work this afternoon.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes!

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