weekend recap: July 11-13

Unfortunately this weekend was pretty boring, so it’s recap might not be an interesting read for you all.  But I like to stick to a pattern, so I’ll post anyway.

On Friday I started watching My Week With Marilyn  on Netflix.  The movie was released a few years ago but only to select theatres so I never got to see it. I’m super excited to be able to watch it now! Like most people, I adore Marilyn Monroe and I am actually interested in watching her movies (or movies about her, in this case).   I won’t talk much about the movie because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I will post some pictures from it!  Oh, and Michelle Williams is a great Marilyn!!

If I had the time to spend curling my hair every day I’d grow it out from my current pixie into a more Marilyn-esque length.

Anyways, I worked at my new job on Friday afternoon and then came home to relax.  On Saturday I photographed a wedding at a family cottage.  The weather couldn’t have been better! It was sunny and warm without being muggy.

ontario lake wedding

David was at home doing yard work and then went up to his parent’s cottage before I got home.  I was feeling a headache coming on so I stayed home and rested.

On Sunday I worked again so I didn’t really get to do much at home.  When I got home David and I watched some Netflix until bedtime.  Suuuuper exciting, I know.

I have the next few days off so I’m hoping the weather cooperates and lets me outside for some weeding.  Today I’ve got a hair cut and 2 maternity sessions to photograph, so fingers crossed for good weather!

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