weekend recap: July 25-27

My new job has me working most Fridays and Saturday, but thankfully I get Sunday off (although, sometimes I may be working a Sunday but would get the Saturday off).  So my Friday was spent at work, then rushing home to get dinner ready.  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and then David went to bed early, so I stayed up to watch some Pretty Little Liars on Netflix!

I read the books years ago, and recently watched seasons 1-3 on DVD but since we don’t have TV I had to wait for Netlfix to release season 4.  I’m halfway through and can’t wait to finish!  I won’t say any spoilers in case any of you are part way through, like me.

I worked on Saturday but David was busy at home taking apart the hot tub deck.  Our house came with a hot tub but we really didn’t want to deal with one especially since it was connected to the breaker panel.  We had an electrician disconnect it right away and we were able to sell it for a good chunk of money in November.  But, now that the tub is gone we had to look at this tall platform that was built for it.  We decided to take it out and use the base for wood storage over winter.

David said the screws were all stripped so it was a time consuming process.  The plan is to take all the wood out but leave the very bottom, which is just an extension of the lowest level deck.  I took this picture through the window because it’s raining out, so you may be able to see my shirt pattern and camera strap in the reflection!

Since Sunday was my day off, we planned to go to church but I slept in so late!!  We ended up going out for a hike, but first I bought some new running shoes.  I have a pair of runners but they are shaped funny and really hurt my feet, so it was time to get a new pair.  I seriously haven’t had running shoes since middle school (excluding my painful pair, but I’m not sure if they are even meant for running or lots of walking).  I wore runners for gym class in grade 8 but then started wearing skater shoes, knock off Converse and slip ons.

My new shoes are super comfy, light and fit really well.  I’m excited to get more use out of them soon.

After I got the shoes, we went for a walk since the weather was nice.  The path we walked on took us through meadows, forest and along the river.

Since I’m a photographer, I obviously enjoy taking pictures.  I take pictures of so much in my life, whether it be mundane or exciting.  But sometimes I spend so much time behind the camera I forget to be present in the situations. I have to remind myself it’s okay to keep the camera away sometimes (although I still pull it out for family parties and stuff) and just enjoy the moments as they happen.  I still take my camera on walks with David but I’m no longer obsessed with taking the perfect nature shots or trying to document everything I see.

I could probably go on a giant rant about being present instead of to photograph everything but I’ll save that for another day!

Anyway, today started off on a good note because I found a jar of homemade nectarine jam I canned last fall.  I think I will have some toast and jam for breakfast and enjoy the rest of my day off today!

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